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IFactor is an innovative online solution that brings together small-medium sized companies interested in selling their individual outstanding invoices for immediate cash, and investors and banks looking for diversifying their asset portofolio with a low-risk investment.


  • The fastes, most efficient solution to your cash flow shortcomings.
  • SMEs wait 60-120 days for their clients payments, which may cause a sheetload of problems.
  • Ifactor offers an alternative cash solutions for SMEs.


  • Seeking good rates of return on safe & short investments?
  • Go digital and choose to bid for account receivable acquisitions through Ifactor.







Cost Efficient

How many parties are involved

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, referred to as Sellers – whose need is to raise fast and flexible liquidity against outstanding invoices.

Investors, referred to as Buyers – banks, hedge funds, private equity firms whose objective is to invest in a totally new but secure, high yield and short duration asset class.

iFactor – your digital tool for intermediating all operations, ensuring a fast, smooth, secure process.


  1. For both Sellers and Buyers
    • Fill in your application, free of charges but committed to success
  2. Application approved
    • Sellers – upload your outstanding
    • Buyers – start bidding on the invoices you want to buy
  3. The auction is closed when Sellers accept Buyers’ pricing
  4. Disbursement
    • Sellers – get their cash advance, as agreed with Buyer
    • Buyers – proceed to payment
  5. Settlement, the invoice is paid by the Seller’s client (Debtor)
    • Sellers – get back the remaining amount (after the fees withdrawal)
    • Buyers – repaid with the amount advanced plus return

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Does your client have a yearly revenue > €1 million?


Amount international investors could advance you within 48h


Once your client has paid, you will receive an additional   2,764.

Your total cost of financing is   235.

The above example is indicative and is dependent on several factors and risk analysis. Request a free quote to learn more.

Investors Page

Seeking good rates of return on safe and short investments?Go digital and choose to bid for receivable acquisitions through iFactor.

Active investors on the platform support small & medium sized companies, while acquiring high returns.

iFactor brings you

High returns on low risk investment
Return on an investment in invoices is substantially higher than an investment in bonds or deposits. The risk is always fairly priced.
Safety of investments
Through applying risk scoring and various fraud risk mitigants, the risks are well managed, resulting in a solid net return for investors.
Short-term exposure
Average term is between 60 and 90 days.
Stability – no price volatility
Receivables are price-stable instruments, more comparable to bonds than to shares.

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The process

  1. Create your account with iFactor
  2. Account approved
  3. Go to auction process
  4. Bid for invoices
  5. Win auction
  6. Make the payment
  7. Wait for settlement
  8. Get your return and return soon to iFactor

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